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Dear Colleagues,

Madad Welfare Society (Regd.) is a national NGO with its headquarters in Delhi. It has been operating successfully since 2006. Madad works in the fields of health, education and human rights. Our target population is underprivileged sections of society with an added focus on women and children. For more information attached find our profile.

Where We Operate



  1. Vaccination against Hepatitis-B, Typhoid and Polio.
  2. Free medicine to poor patients.
  3. Distribution of nutritious food/fruits/eatables among children in slums/J.J. clusters.
  4. Awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases.
  5. Publication and distribution of brochures among students, drivers, labourers, slum dwellers, etc. for creating awareness on HIV/AIDS.

  1. Coaching classes for poor students.
  2. Payment - partial or full as the case may be- of tuition fee to schools in respect of poor students.
  3. Distribution of stationery items among poor students as per their requirement.
  4. Distribution of school uniforms among poor students.
  5. Motivation drives in slums to encourage parents to send their children to schools.
  6. Awareness programmes in slums/J.J. clusters on prohibition of child labour and legal implications of sending minor child for labour work.

  1. Awareness programmes in schools/educational institutions highlighting the threats to our environment like air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, deforestation, global warming, etc. resulting into drought, flood, melting of glaciers, depletion of ozone lair, etc. vis-a-vis corrective measures need to be taken immediately like plantation, switching to non-polluting or less polluting sources of energy, etc.
  2. Awareness programmes educating the people in general and the students in particular how to recharge our ground water by rain water harvesting and tapping rain water in small-small check dams.
  3. Awareness programmes highlighting the need for revival of our traditional sources of drinking water like ponds, lakes, wells, etc. by tapping rain water.
  4. Awareness programmes to educate people not to waste water and also to conserve the same for future as there is limited stock of water on our globe.
  5. Publication and distribution of brochures among students and general public as well for creating awareness on the issues related to environment protection.

  1. Distribution of used clothes among street dwellers, slum dwellers and the inmates of orphanages.
  2. Distribution of blankets among street dwellers, slum dwellers and the inmates of orphanages.
  3. Distribution of fire woods among homeless street dwellers during winter season.
  4. Running of music school where qualified teachers teach dance, instrument playing and vocal (singing) to the students/children on nominal fee.